Jezzine Cutlery 80 Pieces set


Jezzine Cutlery 80 Pieces set

$2,100 $1,900

Buy Jezzine cutlery 80 pieces set, crafted by hand, served in a prestigious wooden box with the Lebanese ceder engraved on the back. hand made cutlery



Jezzine Cutlery 80 Pieces set

Jezzine Cutlery (Jezzine ware) is served in a prestigious wooden Box with the Lebanese cedar engraved

4 drawers
12 forks, 12 Spoons
12 knives
12 desert forks
12 desert spoons
12 desert knives
2 serving cake
2 serving salad
1 cheese
1 wine
1 big ladle,
1 small ladle

Delivery to Beirut 15 USD extra charge
Delivery to Keserwan and Metn 30 USD extra charge

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