About Jezzine

Jezzine ware (Jezzine Cutlery) is an essential part of our traditions

Welcome to Jezzine
The bride of the South and the land of waterfalls.

Visit Jezzine and enjoy the journey

jezzine cutlery
The amazing snow covered entrance of Jezzine in winter

As you approach Jezzine, winding through the wide mountains roads, you pass by the largest Pine forest in the Middle East. Perching on the mountain side, forming a beautiful green lush entrance to Jezzine, with the refreshing smell of pines in the air, presenting a warm welcome to visitors and residents alike.

You will then pass by the most famous hand crafted colorful Phoenix head, the sign of Jezzine cutlery handmade sets.

On the other side of the valley, you can see the high cliffs of the mountains surrounding the city of Jezzine forming the most astounding and beautiful scenery, with several waterfalls dotting the landscape forming a magical atmosphere.

As you first enter Jezzine, you are welcomed by the statue of St. Mary, The Mother of God, overlooking Jezzine with her caring smile and open hands greeting and protecting visitors to the area. You get the overwhelming feeling of the love and peace engulfing this most incredible beautiful city of Jezzine.

As you enter the main city of Jezzine, you will discover the old souk. The word ‘souk’ means ‘market place’. The old souk is very unique in that it has been preserved in cultural and historical buildings, which have been renovated keeping with the same old spirit of architecture and stone built Lebanese cultural ambience. Within these historical buildings you can shop for all your needs, from supermarkets, vegetables stores, handy crafts, fashion and the most famous handmade Jezzine cutleries, which is a very unique souvenir or gift that represent Jezzine cultural heritage.

Jezzine cutlery or Jezzine ware have been a traditional handmade craft for hundreds of years. Each cutlery is crafted by hand, and created from bone and metal (First class stainless steel). Some of the cutlery sets are gold plated. It is very colorful and distinctive in its carvings of the phoenix head that characterizes the Jezzine cutlery (Jezzine ware).

In fact the Jezzine cutlery is such an important and impressive heritage, it has been given as prestigious gifts to kings and presidents alike throughout history.

Jezzine cutlery is a learned craft that is handed down from generation to generation running through some traditional families in Jezzine that continue to produce the most beautiful variations of cutlery, daggers, swords, office sets and other beautiful collections.

To complete your journey, you should stop for lunch at one of the many beautiful restaurants scattered around the cliff edges and overlooking the waterfall, presenting heart stopping views while enjoying a mouthwatering traditional Lebanese mezza with barbecue and other delicious Lebanese dishes.

Jezzine waterfalls with the restaurants on both sides as shown in this picture

Your visit to Jezzine is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience of a traditional Lebanese town. You will leave with many picturesque memories and feelings of serenity and tranquility.

Welcome to the heart of the South, to the bride of the South, to the spirit of the South. Welcome to Jezzine.